Strategic Engagement


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Engagement/Outreach…with purpose. Initial set of potential topics in support of workshops, exercises, and convergence symposia to advance Arctic and Climate Security. The following provides a list of potentially constructive number of seminar topics for consideration to establish via in-person, virtual and/or hybrid conference methods.

Organizing, coordinating, and conducting specific seminars will be planned and proposed in the Annual TSC Program. Included in this overall list of seminars is the following:

  • Security in the Arctic 2050…what is needed to achieve peace and security for the Pan Arctic.
  • NORAD and the Arctic in 2050. Advancing elements of policy and capability considerations to support the future North AmericanAerospace Command mission needs.
  • Addressing Arctic Strategic Competition…a Forum for US, Allies and Partners.
  • Arctic and Climate Security:  Characterizing Research Gaps for Onward Analysis.
  • Women, Peace and Security:  Lessons from the Arctic for the lower latitudes.
  • Arctic Economic Security…understanding the implications for the Trans-Atlantic Arctic Relationship.
  • Calling Arctic Flags:  Chatham House protocol seminar for invited General and Flag Officers.
  • Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) Forum on the Arctic…insights to advance multinational understanding in Arctic Security from the SEL perspective.
  • Total Force Response towards the Arctic. Advancing partnership between Active Duty, Reserve and Guard Arctic training and activities.
  • Soft power solutions to reduce hard power problems.
  • Seeing Arctic security through a 10,000-year-old lens:  Arctic Security Leader Seminars via partnered efforts with the Arctic Indigenous Community. 
  • North American Arctic Security Dialogue:  A symposia for US-Canada-Denmark/Greenland security practitioners.
  • Holograms for the Arctic:  understanding gaps and shortfalls in operational decision making for security practitioners.
  • Arctic Crisis Exercises. Tabletop and simulations that complement and add practical context to the above topics. 
  • Intercessional seminar on Arctic-region policy inputs to the Canada-U.S. Permanent Joint Board of Defense.