Annual Report

Greetings from 61+ Degrees North, 149+ Degrees West, the home of the US Department of Defense’s newest regional center, the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Over the last two years the Stevens Center has been a new and growing organization, but in 2023 we became so much more: an educator, a publisher, a convenor, a source of analysis, and an organization committed to collaboratively developing innovative security solutions for the Arctic Region.

Some of the most pressing challenges to our national security are at the nexus of various disciplines –climate change and conflict, economics and global resilience, preserving Indigenous Knowledge and technological innovation. This is the lens through which the Stevens Center approaches the term Arctic security. Guided by our strategic principles of innovation and experimentation, our multidisciplinary perspective draws experts from across the circumpolar region to bring essential knowledge to the Arctic security practitioner.

This report is an overview of the many accomplishments of the Stevens Center in 2023. To preview, the School of Arctic and Climate Security delivered 5 iterations of the Arctic Regional Security Orientation Course (ARSOC) and executed the first ever Arctic Multi-Domain Legal Course (AMLC), fielding over 700 alumni this year. The Research and Analysis Division launched the inaugural edition of the Journal of Arctic and Climate Security Studies with senior leader perspectives and practitioner focused research. Our Strategic Engagement Division hosted convening events from Nuuk, Greenland to Utqiagvik, Alaska, bringing security practitioner into the North American Arctic to experience the unique environment firsthand. The Mission Support Division remained our institutional backbone as we progress towards full operational capacity, building our team to now 27 DoD civilian employees and 14 contractors. These are just a few of the highlights.

In sum, the expert and dedicated professionals of the TSC leaned forward to accomplish our important mission and build partnerships across the Arctic region.

Ted Stevens Annual Report Cover