Research & Analysis

Research and Analysis… Integrating studies to support advancing awareness and understanding for the Arctic region. TSC conducted research and analysis are pursued and published to support advancing Arctic and climate security awareness, consistent with the overall mission of the center.

Arctic and Climate Issues Research

  • Fundamentals of Arctic change and environmental security.
  • Translating Arctic challenges and risks for operational design.
  • Climate science and policy research for defense and security planners.
  • Arctic Health Security: Insights for defense planners and operators.
  • Arctic Indigenous Peoples security studies.
  • Women, Peace, and Security in a Pan-Arctic construct.
  • Research in Arctic and Climate Data Science in support of operational decision makers.

Arctic Region Strategic and Operational Research

  • Specific Domain Risk: Arctic and climate studies and analysis (air, land, space, sea, [cyber].
  • Enabling Arctic operators and decision makers…integrating models and data science.
  • Hybrid/non-traditional risk studies assessment for the Arctic Region.
  • Unified commander directed studies.
  • Arctic strategic foresight analysis.
  • Arctic strategic competition assessments in support of security and defense planners.
  • Classified analysis in support of unified command tasks.