School of Arctic and Climate Security Studies

TSC Executive Education

TSC Arctic Security Certificate Seminars. Consistent with the methodology of the established DOD RCs, the TSC School of Arctic and Climate Studies has established a few Arctic-Security focused seminars (ranging from 4 to 36 hours of classroom instruction (and leveraging virtual and in-person methodologies). Arctic Security Certificate Seminars are programmed and conducted from an overall wide variety of topics such as the following:

  • Arctic Regional Security Orientation Course (ARSOC)…a fundamental overview on the fundamentals of Arctic Security.
  • Arctic Strategy and Defense Policy.
  • Cultural dynamics of the Arctic region.
  • Understanding and overcoming challenges in Arctic crisis logistics.
  • Non-Traditional & Transnational risks in and through the Arctic region.
  • Arctic One Health…fundamentals for Security practitioners.
  • Disaster response in the Arctic, concepts for managing and mitigating risk.
  • Women, Peace and Security in an Arctic Context
  • Cyber security in the Arctic…what matters more?
  • Security governance in an Arctic context.
  • The role of non-Arctic nations in Arctic governance…insights for security practitioners.
  • Understanding Russia’s ambitions for the Arctic.
  • Advancing understanding within and across Arctic Indigenous peoples.
  • Defense support to civil authorities in the Arctic…advancing practical measures for the hands to help.
  • Arctic Strategic Competition dynamics.
  • Dynamics of NATO and Arctic Security.
  • Arctic Domain Awareness for the Security Practitioner.
  • Advancing the Arctic region into the Information Age.
  • Characterizing Arctic exceptionalism…a survey of Arctic organizations and enterprises.
  • Understanding and reducing Arctic operational risk.
  • The community of Arctic Science, insights for security practitioners.
  • Trans-Atlantic Futures for Arctic Security.
  • Indo-Pacific States and the Arctic…myths vs facts for the security practitioner.
  • Security vs law enforcement…a survey to advance understanding of the unique role provided by Arctic Coast Guards.
  • Arctic Economic security…fundamentals for security practitioners.