Journal of Arctic and Climate Security Studies

This edition marks a starting point for the Center as we embark on our mission to educate practitioners, analyze matters of Arctic and regionally oriented climate security, inform decision makers, and engage Allies and partners about the region…across the region. Our nascent Center joins the field of Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic groups, scholars, and security professionals at home and abroad who are concerned about challenges and risks across the High North, while also seeing opportunities to improve the overall security equation. This first edition represents a limited glimpse at the field of study as it stands today.

In this issue, we chose to include articles representing a broad set of viewpoints. Senior leader reflections offer strategic context to growing Arctic security challenges. Perspectives on policy, strategy, and history offer a snapshot in time for Arctic experts and also serve as a primer for readers who are Arctic-curious. Submissions from Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic as well as Allies and partners represent our commitment to a diverse and networked approach to support broad and multidisciplined Arctic and regionally oriented climate security. Finally, articles written by and for operators embody our goal of linking strategy to the realities of operating in the harsh Arctic environment.

We are excited to announce an article deadline of 15 March 2024 for contributions to Journal of Arctic and Climate Security Studies (JACSS) Volume 3.

Potential authors are invited to focus on Arctic security issues ranging from geophysical to geostrategic such as:

  • Security cooperation in the Arctic
  • Arctic climate data science
  • Climate security within the Arctic region
  • Arctic governance
  • Arctic Indigenous Peoples security studies
  • Arctic domain awareness
  • Women, peace, and security in the Arctic
  • Arctic health security

Please submit article and CV or inquiries to the editorial staff for expected publication in the autumn of 2024.