The Arctic is becoming more consequential to the United States as reflected in national security documents. The 2022 National Security Strategy, 2022 National Defense Strategy, and 2022 National Strategy for the Arctic Region, among others, all point to the strategic significance of the Arctic and the US commitment to safeguarding its national interests in the region. This Special Report focuses on maritime domain awareness (MDA) as one crucial aspect of Arctic security. The need for Arctic MDA is pressing, given increased shipping, tourism, and fishing in the region, as well as increased security threats – specifically from China and Russia. This Special Report suggests that while MDA tools such as satellites, AI, and other technologies are important, local and traditional knowledge can complement these tools to achieve more effective domain awareness and hence more informed decision making.

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Cover Page of the TED STEVENS CENTER FOR ARCTIC SECURITY STUDIES SPECIAL REPORT: Advancing Solutions to the Arctic Maritime Domain: The Canadian Rangers