Vision, Mission, Value

  • Vision: Through analysis, education and engagement, advance awareness & understanding to promote collaborative security for the Arctic region.
    • Such endeavors will seek span the range from Geophysical to Geostrategic.
  • Mission: The Stevens Center will build strong, sustainable, domestic and international networks of security leaders and promote and conduct focused research on Arctic security to advance DoD security priorities in the Arctic region.
  • Value: Through delivering relevant education, analysis and symposia, prepare civilian and military security practitioners, propose useful solutions, and enhance people networks to ensure a stable, rules-based order in the Arctic that will benefit the United States and all Arctic nations.
    • U.S. objectives in the Arctic require multilateral, whole-of-government approaches to which the DoD Regional Center model is well-suited.
    • Accordingly, the Stevens Center will leverage existing DoD Regional Center processes to employ executive education to
      • Engage senior-level civilian and military policymakers and practitioners beyond traditional defense stakeholders, including inter-ministerial officials (e.g., foreign affairs, interior, parliamentarians) and key security stakeholders from non-governmental organizations and international organizations.
      • In addition to the education and multinational and multidiscipline convening elements, the Stevens Center will provide studies, analysis and assessments to advance Arctic awareness and understanding.
Arctic Tab Courtesy of DoD