TSC Basing Decision

On 17 November 2021, the Department of Defense Announces Basing Decision for the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies.  The Department of Defense identified Anchorage, Alaska, as the sole candidate city to host the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies, the Department of Defense (DOD) Regional Center for the Arctic.  On 5 May 2022, the Department of the Air Force Strategic Basing finalized the location within Anchorage as the selected site.  As such, the TSC has been sited selected for establishment on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richarson and is now in work with the 673 Air Base Wing for a specific facility, which will be announced near term. Please see full article here: https://www.defense.gov/News/Releases/Release/Article/2846861/dod-announces-basing-decision-for-the-ted-stevens-center-for-arctic-security-st/.