Operating Concepts & Guiding Principles

Operating concepts:innovation, experimentation, adaptation and follow-through” in order to present the most relevant, agile, and applicable set of programs and activities to and for the Department of Defense and in support of the national interests of the US and America’s partners and allies.

  • Innovation. Learn from today’s solutions to ensure better ones tomorrow.
  • Experimentation. In accordance with DoD Regional Centers with established authorities for research & analysis component, center programs and activities will be willing to experiment and try new approaches to advance Arctic and Climate security.
  • Adaptation. Creating and adapting programs and activities in order to be responsive to TSC customers and partners.
  • Follow-through. Details matter and ensuring that Center programs and initiatives are documented, analyzed and suitably published is essential.

Guiding principals. In order to implement the operating concepts, the set of principles below will guide center personnel.

  • Educate. Expand knowledge about the Arctic, dispel myths and ensure understanding through creative and experiential learning.
  • Inquire and investigate. As a DoD Education, Engagement & Research enterprise, seeking ever more insight is essential.
  • Value and respect. The peoples, places and partnerships across the Arctic.
  • Inclusion. Involve and invest stakeholders across and beyond the region.
  • Stewardship. Achieving a peaceful and open Arctic requires commitment to care.
  • Humility. Promote this vital attribute for learning, inclusion and innovation.
  • Protect. Prepare and support security and defense practitioners with relevant programs for shared protection of our Nation.
  • Network. The power of more…and built on Trust.