Arctic Regional Security Orientation Course I, 22 – 27 May 2022

The purpose of ARSOC is to provide baseline knowledge to personnel without Arctic experience, focusing on historical, environmental, commercial, geopolitical, and strategic issues concerning the Arctic region in order to encourage discussion, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking.

Overall Course Objectives

Prepare Department of Defense personnel for assignments in the Arctic region (a) Understand strategic issues, trends, and challenges in the Arctic region. (b) Critically and objectively analyze key security dynamics and trends in the region, to include the rapidly changing operating environment impacted by the changing Arctic climate. (c) Demonstrate enhanced knowledge and shared understanding of countries and communities of the Arctic region. (d) Understand the domestic and international laws and norms of cooperation in the Arctic region.

Promote a collaborative network of Arctic security practitioners (a) Develop relationships among a community of security practitioners on whom to draw to better accomplish their institutional missions. (b) Enhance civil-military relations and security sector cooperation and effectiveness as well as supporting good governance and rules-based order in the Arctic. (c) Integrate into an alumni of academics, analysts, and practitioners working the Arctic region.

Propose cooperative, practical solutions to security challenges in the Arctic Region to include policy and strategy changes for the future security environment, limits, and enablers of security cooperation.